Tomasz Laczny


5 day intensive practical workshop!

Organised by Tomasz Laczny together with Natnada Marchal.
Dates of the workshop: 5-9 of April 2019

Fee: €390

Max: 10 participants

Deadline for the application: March 20th

Location: Noisy-le-Sec, Paris (15 min by RER train from Gare du Nord)

To sign up, please write to:

Aimed at:

Photographers willing to turn their personal project into a handmade book; editors interested in
photobook making as a concept, and general creative people interested in photobook
making (no previous experience is necessary).


The aim of this intensive workshop is to cover all the aspects of handmade photobook-making. Starting from an idea, rethinking and reflecting the images used in the context of a project, editing with a strong emphasis on narrative and storytelling, as well as designing and all technical aspects of handmade self-publishing. All the participants are required to bring their own project (could be in progress) to be able to create a draft dummy for the duration of the workshop. The aim is for each participant to finish the workshop with a physical dummy.

Participants are required to send by email about 20-30 pictures as well as text describing their project. The project will be discussed prior to the venue to find the best design solution for the workshop. A 2h Skype session will be scheduled for each participant before the workshop. 

We will also cover the technical aspects of making books with some practical exercises. 

Participants will also be required to bring their own laptops with a layout program (inDesign is preferable). Basic of inDesign will be covered during the workshop. 

Some of the materials and tools will be provided. The participants will also be asked to bring some personal materials and will personally be advised during the Skype interview. 

A detailed schedule of the workshop will be confirmed later. 


Artist, photographer, bookmaker, teacher. He studied art, design and philosophy. He published a photo book “40” about refugee camps and conflict in Western Sahara which received honourable mention in 2016 Dummy Award Kassel competition. His current photo book “Disappearance” has been shortlisted to last year’s Kassel Dummy Award Competition and has also been shortlisted for numerous other competitions. He has been shortlisted to GOMMA grant this year. His projects and books have been exhibited internationally.
He is continuously experimenting with different forms of photo bookmaking and narration. He is also an author of videos covering subject of photo book making.

He organised his first photographic workshop for a young people living in refugee camps in Algeria in 2017.The subjects covered: shooting and editing photo stories. His next workshops covered subjects of creating hand made photo book with a strong emphasis on storytelling and narration. The workshops were organised in London. 

His previous photographic experiences include working as internship assistant for Anders Petersen in his studio in Stockholm. He lives and works in London.


Her experience in the field of photographic workshops started in 2015 when she took her first mastercalsses in Arles. As a participant back then she quickly felt trusted by others to advice them with their personal projects. A few months later she started working with Magnum Photographer Jacob Aue Sobol. She was part of his studio team for about two years. She started to work as head of the darkroom seeing the prints she had made in various photo fairs and festivals. She also took part in the postproduction and editing process of different projects. In July 2017 she published her first photography book Kolyma. She was exhibition during the Voies Off in Arles during the opening week of the festival. In the fall 2017 she had opportunity to assist Jim Goldberg during a workshop hosted by Swedish and French photographers JH Engstöm and Margot Wallard. The experience was a success and she was invited to take part in their yearly masterclass at the Atelier Smedsby in Montreuil, France. In October 2018, she was invited to exhibit in Spain, near Barcelona, at the photo festival LA NUU together with photographer Marie Sordat who was the curator for the Eyes Wild Open exhibition- and Klavdij Sluban, who gave a workshop where she was also invited to take part in. Meanwhile, she was always asked for advices from talented emerging photographers and was happy to see them receive prizes and grants for projects they had reviewed together. She is now planning to take a step further with the idea of making and binding her own books, finding a narrative to photography projects and give it a shape.

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