Tomasz Laczny


"Apart from being a talented artist Tomasz is a gifted teacher. During the two-day  workshop in Berlin I learned more about the process of  making art books than I had expected. The workshop was very well-planned and conducted in a welcoming atmosphere. Tomasz led the participants through the crucial stages of the book making process and explained the importance of every aspect of it from the choice of images through image sequencing to a possible cover design. I really liked the hands-on character of the workshop and the possibility to see and discuss the projects of other participants. I left the workshop with a dummy of my book, lots of inspiration and a willingness to come back with another project!"

Małgorzata Pawicka -- participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Bildband Berlin

"Thanks to Tomasz this was a very inspiring and fruitful weekend with an excellent mix of input and silent practical work on the own book project. And the group atmosphere was very lovely, too! Could have gone on further all the further days, too! Strongly recommend this book workshop! "

Sonja Deppisch -- participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Bildband Berlin

"Tomasz is an experienced teacher in artist photo book-making. He is patient and has a wealth of knowledge which I profited from during the one-day introductory workshop (in person). I felt the pace of teaching was appropriate considering that we were all beginners. He has an excellent eye for detail and an amazing sensibility for each of his participants' projects. It was good to come well prepared, which Tomasz communicated professionally in advance. I'm very happy with the dummy photo book he helped me to create on the day and the constructive feedback I received from him and the other participants. I'm planning to develop my project, refining the various techniques I learned so far. I highly recommend the photo book-making workshop and plan to enrol for a follow-up workshop with Tomasz in the near future."

Uli Jaeger -- participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Crate Margate

"The Photo Bookmaking  workshop with Tomasz was truly wonderful, I couldn't have asked for more. In two intensive days Tomasz shared his knowledge and skills with great generosity  and also managed to make sure each individual project was considered and thought about. In addition to a wealth of practical skills which we can now continue to practice independently, Tomasz gave us all such invaluable insights and advice on how to take our projects further. For me this has been an unbelievable weekend and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who has a book project to develop. It is the most amazing resource out there and a doorway into a whole world of beautiful books. Take this workshop!" 

Liran Fisher-participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Photobookcafe London

'Would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who has an idea/project that's been bubbling in their head.After a period of uncertainty, hesitation and stagnation. This workshop has not only helped me get the bubbles going again, it's done what it's said on the tin and helped us all create a physical dummy to develop further. Looking forward to see how we carry our projects. Thank you, Tomasz, Sayuri and Every one there. Had some great conversations and seen some really nice pictures and inspiring dummies over the weekend.' 

Jake Costello-participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Photobookcafe London

The in-person workshop with Tomasz and Sayuri was a great way to move my photobook project forward. Having a creative space to share ideas, see other people's projects and get the external input of an established practitioner was invaluable. It was great to have Tomasz select and sequence our images and provide feedback on what format the book could take. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has a series of images they love, but need some motivation and help to create a tangible outcome from them.

Clara Saez Calabuig - participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Photobookcafe London

I really enjoyed the time spent at the Tomasz Laczny’s Masterclass. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all of the major steps of creating photobook. You can learn technical tips from Tomasz, but what is most important Masterclass is a wholly unique opportunity to see inside his creative process and develop your own.

Masterclass stands out with the serious approach when every minute is well planed, organised, what allows Tomasz to consult each of the participants individually. Masterclass is very practical, what is great. A lot of additional information has been shared with us later by email. 

I truly recommend to join his class!

Katerina Kouzmitcheva -- participant of 2023 workshop  organised by W Ramach Sopotu Festival, Sopot

"Tomasz’s two day workshop exceeded my expectations. Lots of insightful and practical advice. The demonstrations of sequencing and editing were a great way to learn and the impact on my project over just one weekend was profound. His enthusiasm for the subject is contagious and I’m really inspired. As icing on the cake, seeing the other attendees great work was brilliant. I am so glad I took this course."

Andy Schneider -- -- participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Photobookcafe London

"Tomas’s bookmaking workshop offers something slightly different; as well as spending time going through the whole bookmaking process, he devotes a lot of energy to the most critical part, the selection editing and sequencing of the images in order to create the intended narrative.  It’s a process of considerable skill and insight which Tomas offers very generously, making time for each participant and bringing his expertise to each person’s different project. That combined with the sharing of handmade books as examples, was invaluable.  It certainly opened my eyes to different ways of looking at my own project and to the possibilities for creating my book. Absolutely invaluable. "

Frankie McAllister Photobook Making Workshop, Photobook Café London, March 2023

"The workshop organized by Tomasz in 2018 was decisive in the development of my first photo book, for questions of editing, narrative intention and design. With dynamism and benevolence, he is attentive to listening and very attentive to the challenges of each project. With his deep reflexion about photo book, Tomasz is great for anyone who wants to embark on the (self) publishing adventure."

Elie Monferier -- Photoespania Book of the Year 2020

“This workshop with Tomasz allowed me to really put a new work in motion – his generous and precise insight brought a fresh dynamic as well as a new formal approach to the pictures. Since, the project has been shown in two exhibitions and has received a grant to produce the book!” 

Matilda Holloway -- participant of 2019 workshop organised by Espace Saint-Cyprien Toulouse 2020

"I took Tomasz Laczny’s online Photobookmaking workshop and it was far beyond what I expected. The course was well structured, easy to follow and just the right length and amount of students. Most importantly, Tomasz took great interest in our projects by helping brainstorm ideas for the organization, narrative and physical construction of the books. His demonstrations were clear and concise. Ultimately, his vast experience in the filed and willingness to sincerely share his knowledge makes this course an invaluable resource for anyone dreaming of creating an artist photo book.”  

Sergio Gomez, MFA participant of 2021 online Photobookmaking workshop

"The workshop with Tomasz was absolutely wonderful. He is extremely patient, insightful and knowledgeable and his workshop inspired me greatly. Tomasz' edit of my book changed the direction of that particular body of work in an exciting way, and deepened my own understanding of the work, which has pushed the work in a new direction. I really valued his generosity and patience with this workshop and am already looking forward to doing another course with him".

Aletheia Casey -- 2022 online Photobookmaking workshop participant

"Tomasz is an insightful, generous, and energetic teacher who makes the online space feel intimate and practical. I have left the sessions with a renewed excitement about my work and inspired by seeing the progress of the other participants. This workshop is one of the best I have ever attended".

Morganna Magee -- 2022 online Photobookmaking workshop participant

"Tomasz takes time to understand each project and generously conceptualises an initial book-making approach for each project, bringing a new dimension to the work. 
We asked Tomasz to run an online workshop with a group of photographers who know each other. Knowing each other’s practice gave us a deeper insight into his process".

Sarah Rhodes -- 2022 online Photobookmaking workshop participant

"Apart from the very useful practical exercises and editing theories that Tomasz gave us, he helped me to better understand
my own project and showed me a way out of my ambiguities in this very productive 1.5-day PHOTOBOOK MAKING workshop.

Discussing the great projects of my colleagues was also very inspiring - and gave me many ideas for further projects".

Eva Brunner -- participant of 2022 workshop  organised by Bildband Berlin

"I loved the workshop and how much we managed in that short amount of time. I felt so much trust from you both, that we can create something in just one weekend. And I felt encouraged to just start and keep prototyping."

Nastassja Nefjodow -- participant of 2022 workshop  organised by Bildband Berlin

"The book curation workshop with tomasz was a great and rigorous introduction into book editing.Tomasz was very detailed and present - helping each person thoroughly bring their work to life.I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in creating a dummy book."

Stephanie O'Connor -- participant of 2022 workshop  organised by Bildband Berlin

"I joined the analogue photobook workshop because I felt stuck in a long term project and didn’t feel confident to translate my work into book format. Tomasz connected with my series very intuitivly and instantly captured the real story. He helped me see what I couldn’t see, and showed me how to relate to the core of my work on every level in order to find the right decisions. I feel back on track now, inspired and passionate about my project again. I also gained some completely new insights on editing and bookmaking, which will be very valuable for my work process in the future and also for helping friends and colleagues."

Sarah Walzer -- participant of 2022 workshop  organised by Bildband Berlin

"As a student who is approaching the bookmaking world, taking part to Tomasz's workshop has been a great way to understand the preliminary steps to create a good book, from the editing to the fabrication. Every choice must be consistent with the project's concept and intention. Tomasz patiently helped us one by one to define what was best for our projects, with sensitivity and dedication. Working with him and the other participants was super inspiring."

Ludovica Filippi -- participant of 2021 online Photobookmaking workshop  

"If you are thinking about self-publishing your book this is a good place to start. Tomasz has a vast knowledge of bookmaking and he's willing to listen and come up with ideas on sequencing your book. Apart from that, you will get briefly into types of bookbinding, folding and making a mockup of your book layout. Overall the workshop was very informative and a good starting point to self-publish my first book".

Stan De Zoysa -- participant of 2021 online Photobookmaking workshop  

“This is exactly what I expected as a workshop, constructive with a listening group, and a first book’s draft Tomasz understands right now and pays attention to everyone. He's full of ideas and knows how to give each one of the tips that match his project perfectly, with a great organization. Thank you. It was great.”

Daniele Boucon -- participant of 2019 workshop organised by Espace Saint-Cyprien Toulouse 2020

"I attended Tomasz’ online bookmaking workshop in autumn 2020. It was an eye opener and a breakthrough in my approach to book making. I understood book making is much more than just sequencing images to tell a story, that the choice of paper, ways of folding and binding it, adding archival material, fabrics, threads, etc can take the story to the next level. I really appreciate Tomasz’ expert advice, willingness to experiment, attention to detail as well as the time and thought he put into understanding my project and helping to make it better. Thank you Tomasz!"

Anna Rolinska -- 2020 online Photobookmaking workshop

"The workshops Tomasz runs are truly enlightening. They are that rare combination of practice, theory, and something else I'd name intuition, but which sometimes feels almost mystical. He gives time and emotional energy to each project, and helps the artist at whatever level to think and rethink their images in the context of visual narration and as part of the material process of making something, stitching and sticking and cropping. On occasion to even enter the rare rhythm of a fluent visual storyteller - a quality which he personally always seems to possess. Tomasz's processes are both intellectual and physical, and the outcomes I witnessed were always inspiring: suggestive of more thoughtful future works to come. Tomasz makes us look at the book, and the art book, in new ways. An exciting and fulfilling exercise."

Robin Hunt -- participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Photobookcafe London

"I've been trying to get my head into making a dummy photobook of my 5 year project for some time but was overwhelmed by the thought of it and had a mental block. Tomasz' workshop was just what I needed to get me into this stage - working from a small edit from the project I learnt how to create rhythm within my pictures and came away with a draft of my first dummy for the project and skills to develop it to the next stage. It was really interesting, fun and useful."

Holly -- participant of 2023 workshop  organised by Photobookcafe London

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