Tomasz Laczny


What will the end of civilization look like? This provocative book uses archival images to construct vivid narratives imagining the collapse of modern society.

Spanning history, author assembles photos of past disasters - economic depressions, wars, natural catastrophes - to extrapolate speculative but plausible scenarios for the fall of today's world order.

The result is a chilling visual tour through apocalyptic visions of the future, as seen through the lens of the past. Beautiful, terrifying and surreal, this book will make you confront the grim prospect of society's collapse.

The book "End Time" is accompanied by a short story "The Second Temptation of the Serpent". After enduring plagues, famines, and betrayals, the last survivors, Mada and Eve, find themselves in the garden of Nede. Hunger drives them to the brink of despair, and a mysterious serpent speaks riddles to Eve. In their final moments, they cling to each other, searching for hope. The world's end is near, and only silence remains.

edited and designed by Tomasz Laczny

“The second temptation of the serpent”

a short story by Tomasz Laczny

all images copyright free from the following archives:

The Library of Congress,

The Wellcome Collection,,

printed on inkjet printer and Japanese ozu washi paper

bound by Tomasz Laczny and Sayuri Ichida

comes with cardboard slipcase

and photopolymer gravier printed by Sayuri Ichida

Edition of 30 + 3AP

Format: 165x240mm

Language version: English

Copyright © 2023 Tomasz Laczny

2023, Margate, UK

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