Tomasz Laczny

The aim of this 1.5 day intensive studio workshop is to explore ideas about photobooks and create draft of handmade photobook dummy. We will be focusing on the following aspects of book making: editing, sequencing, designing, bookmaking.

In addition to that there is a possibility of publishing the best  projects from the workshop  – this is a new publishing initiative of Le Plac'Art Photo and Tomasz Laczny.

Date: 28-29 of May 2022

Place: Le Plac'Art Photo

12 Rue de l'éperon

75006 Paris France, 

Cost: 210 euro

Deadline for submission: 12 May 2022.

Number of participants: max 9. 

send your application to:

Application process and  workshop

Participants are required to send by email about 20-30 pictures as well as text describing their project. The deadline is : 12 of May 2022. The participants will be  selected based on the submitted projects by Clement Kauter and Tomasz Laczny. Before the workshop the project will be discussed to find the best design solution for developing it later. The aim is that each participant will finish the workshop with a physical draft dummy which could be developed further. We will also cover some technical aspects of making books with some practical exercises.This is an all- analogue workshop so participants are required tobring a set of images in 3 different sizes which will be used forediting as well as developing a dummy. Participants will be askedto bring their own tools. 


"The workshop organized by Tomasz in 2018 was decisive in the development of my first photo book, for questions of editing, narrative intention and design. With dynamism and benevolence, he is attentive to listening and very attentive to the challenges of each project. With his deep reflexion about photo book, Tomasz is great for anyone who wants to embark on the (self) publishing adventure."

Elie Monferier -- Photoespania Book of the Year 2020

“This workshop with Tomasz allowed me to really put a new work in motion – his generous and precise insight brought a fresh dynamic as well as a new formal approach to the pictures. Since, the project has been shown in two exhibitions and has received a grant to produce the book!” 

Matilda Holloway -- participant of 2019 workshop organised by Espace Saint-Cyprien Toulouse 2020

“This is exactly what I expected as a workshop, constructive with a listening group, and a first book’s draft Tomasz understands right now and pays attention to everyone. He's full of ideas and knows how to give each one of the tips that match his project perfectly, with a great organization. Thank you. It was great.”

Daniele Boucon -- participant of 2019 workshop organised by Espace Saint-Cyprien Toulouse 2020

About the tutor

Tomasz Laczny -- visual artist and book maker. Love to teach and learn about the process of creating photobooks. His recent photobook “Erna Helena Ania'' is part of the MoMA collection library.  The book  won silver medal at 2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards, bronze medal at 2021 International Photographers of the Year and has been finalist of 2021 International Photobook Award. The project is a winner of BUP book competition organised by Blow Up Press (2020). He is a winner of Reminders Photography Stronghold Grand (2020). His previous books have been shortlisted in many photographic festivals and shown internationally. His first photobook  ”40/place which does not exist" received honorable mention at the Kassel Dummy Award in 2016. He has organised workshops about the subject of photobook making internationally. 

List of things to bring:

-- set of aprox 20-30 images in 3 sizes: A5 (aprox148 x 210mm) , A6 (aprox 105 x 148mm) A7 (aprox 105 x 148mm) -- please don’t bring expensive prints, we will use them for editing and to test the structure of your dummy. These could be even simple laser prints on cheap paper. We also experiment with different sizes of images. For the final dummy we will choose aprox 10-12 images. Later you will be able to build your book around this restricted selection. Please send me the selection of your 20-30 images in advance via wetransfer (small resolution) -- it will help me to think about your edit, and speed up things during the workshop.

-- selection of the paper you plan to use for the book dummy -- you can bring 2-3 sets so we will be able to experiment.
-- scissors
-- pencil
-- cutter
-- ruler approx 30-50 cm metal
-- cutting matt
-- fast drying glue
-- double sided tape
-- bone folder
-- tread and needles
-- cheap A4 size paper
-- paper for the cover

Detailed schedule.

28 May SATURDAY start 18:30

18:30 - 19:15 -- introduction of the tutor, introduction to photobook making, samples of handmade books

19:30 - 21:00 -- short introduction of the projects of each participant

21:00 - 21:30 -- introduction to editing, visual narration

29 May SUNDAY start 9:30

09:30 - 12:30 -- editing (group and individual)

12:30 - 13:30 -- stitching exercises

13:30 - 14:00 -- lunch break.

14:00 - 18:00 -- individual work on a book dummy.

18:00 - 18:45 -- final presentation of each person.

About Le Plac'Art Photo 

It’s a photobook store created by Clément Kauter, based in Paris, in 2008. Specialized in Japanese photography, Le Plac’Art Photo is dedicated to Japanese photobooks of the 60s and 70s and to contemporary photobooks. They are also the organizers of the Paris Vintage Photobooks Paris Vintage Photobook Fair.

With a large customer base interested in modern publications, Le Plac’Art hosts photography exhibitions featuring the launch of new photobooks. Clément and Nobue have a strong interest in small, independent publishers and hand-made photobooks by artists themselves.

Recently they created the Tokyo Photobook Review: During an intensive 2-day review process, a panel of expert reviewers works with a group of shortlisted photographers on developing their selected projects into a publication. The review process focuses on publications rather than on individual images or issues relating to exhibitions.

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