Tomasz Laczny


£40 book

40/place which does not exist

The sense of belonging and the issue of identity are at the base of this beautifully conceived book on the Saharawi, an exiled people living in the Saharian desert and waiting 40 years to go back home. It was constructed as a journal but it has an acute intensity of a novel. We experience the building up of a highly intense emotional story but it is never entirely disclosed and one that we will never know the ending. By presenting images that range from a harsh reality of everyday life to satellite photos we become aware of its fragile existence as if suspended in a non place in this world. It makes us fully aware of what indifference towards others makes of us.

a book description by one of jurors of Kassel Dummy Award Claudia Jaguaribe



"40" received honorable mention in 2016 Dummy Award Kassel competition


40/place which does not exist

Photographs by Tomasz Laczny

size 17.5 x 24 cm

62 pages

46 dual tone photographs

11 illustrations on tracing paper

hardcover + tracing paper dust cover

printed on arctic Volume 170 g

self published by movinganimal 2015

Limited 1st edition of 200 copies.

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